We offer plans for any game type

We’ve prepared plans which support various online game genres, from low bandwidth board games to a full scale Battle Royale game. Choose a Strix Cloud plan that is right for you!

Currently completely free Type 0 is available.

Type 0


100 CCU

Trial version !


Type 1


490 CCU

Perfect for card or board games!

Coming Soon

Type 2


2300 CCU

Widely compatible with any genre!

Coming Soon

Type 3


3200 CCU

Widely compatible with any genre!

Coming Soon

Type 4


7100 CCU

Perfect for battle royale games!

Coming Soon

Instance usage fee

Data transfer fee is free up to 60GB regardless of the number of instances. Charges will be incurred when the 60GB is exceeded.

The price may differ according to usage time. One hour instance usage fee is different for each type

Plan  Per Hour  Instance management fee
Type 1  $0.17/h  $9/month
Type 2  $0.29/h  $9/month
Type 3  $0.59/h  $9/month
Type 4  $1.45/h  $9/month

*Type 0 has no instance usage fee

Data transfer fee

By combining different instance number and type settings it is possible to meet various online game genre requirements.

Per month



Traffic overage fee




Tokyo / Singapore / Australia


USA, East / USA, West


The monthly maximum charge is the most you’ll pay each month in fees for instance. The payment is received in JPY.
1 USD = 110 JPY


Only one instance can be created per account. If CCU number exceeds100CCU, connection will be limited. There is no instance management fee in this type. If the amount of transferred data exceeds 60 GB of free tier, instances will be suspended.


Concurrent connected users (CCUs) is the total number of users accessing your aplication.
Standard number of CCUs is calculated assuming each user exchanges 5 messages per second in an average 4 player PvP game.

Instance management fee

Instance management fee of 1000 \ is charged for Type 1 or later.

Data transfer fee

If spite of created number of instances, 60 GB of transferred data is free.

payment methods

The payment method is credit payment. Payment is postpaid.

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