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StrixNetworkSendRoomRelay Method (Object, RoomRelayEventHandler, FailureEventHandler, RequestConfig)

Sends a relay message to all match room members.

Namespace:  SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime
Assembly:  StrixUnityRuntime (in StrixUnityRuntime.dll) Version: 1.5.0
public void SendRoomRelay(
	Object messageToRelay,
	RoomRelayEventHandler handler,
	FailureEventHandler failureHandler,
	RequestConfig config = null


Type: SystemObject
The message that will be sent.
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime.EventRoomRelayEventHandler
This callback is invoked when the relay message has been sent successfully.
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime.EventFailureEventHandler
This callback is invoked if the message could not be sent for some reason.
config (Optional)
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Client.Core.RequestRequestConfig
If not null, used to configure the request timeout. Default timeout is 30 seconds. See RequestConfig for more details.

Possible exception types in FailureEventArgs's cause:
ErrorCodeException Strix error which can be further separated by an error code:
ConnectionErrorFailed to send the request because of a connection error.
RequestTimeoutServer did not respond within the specified timeout interval.
MessageLimitReachedThe limit for messages per second is reached (configurable on the Strix Cloud).
NotRoomMemberYou're trying to send a relay message while not being joined to a room.
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