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SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime Namespace

Public classConflictingPropertyException
Public classInvalidConnectionArgsException
Thrown when connection string cannot be validated.
Public classRoomInfo
Class holding a room description.
Public classRoomJoinArgs
Data class containing all the parameters necessary to join the match room.
Public classRoomMemberProperties
Data class used to set properties for a room member.
Public classRoomProperties
Data class used to set room properties.
Public classStrixAnimationSynchronizer
Component that enables animation synchronization.
Public classStrixBehaviour
Base class for all the objects that plan to use Strix features.
Public classStrixMovementSynchronizer
Component useful for synchronizing movement of non-physics objects such as characters.
Public classStrixNetwork
Strix Network high-level API entry point class.
Public classStrixReplicator
The component that enables the synchronization of a game object using Strix Network.
Public classStrixReplicatorIndexCache
A static class holding constants used in variable synchronization.
Public classStrixReplicatorSettings
A scriptable object holding a list of all the replicators in the project.
Public classCode exampleStrixRpcAttribute
Public classCode exampleStrixRpcContext
Data class containing the information about the received RPC call.
Public classStrixSceneInfo
Public classStrixSerializationProperties
Class holding a map of property values to be synchronized.
Public classCode exampleStrixSyncFieldAttribute
An attribute for automatic variable synchronization.
Public classStrixTransformSynchronizer
A component that provides automatic synchronization for physical objects.
Public classStrixVehicleMovementSynchronizer
Synchronizer suitable for synchronizing vehicles such as cars and planes.
Public classUrlParseException
Thrown if input connection string cannot not be parsed.
Public structureConnectionArgs
Connection arguments used to establish a connection with a Strix Master server or a Strix room server.
Public structureParentId
Protected structureStrixBehaviourSyncFieldCache
Public structureStrixVehicleMovementSynchronizerPredictionData
Prediction data that can be used to calculate extrapolated position and rotation of the vehicle.
Public structureUrlParseResult
Contains the result of input connection string parsing.
Public enumerationStrixReplicatorConnectionClosedBehaviour
Describes what happens with the object when the connection is closed or when you leave the room.
This is only applicable if you are the owner of the object.
Public enumerationStrixReplicatorInstantiableBy
Describes who can instantiate the object.
Public enumerationStrixVehicleMovementSynchronizerUpdateMode