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StrixNetworkSetRoomMember Method (Int64, IDictionaryString, Object, RoomMemberSetEventHandler, FailureEventHandler, RequestConfig)

Changes properties of your room member.

Namespace:  SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime
Assembly:  StrixUnityRuntime (in StrixUnityRuntime.dll) Version: 1.5.0
public void SetRoomMember(
	long memberId,
	IDictionary<string, Object> memberProperties,
	RoomMemberSetEventHandler handler,
	FailureEventHandler failureHandler,
	RequestConfig config = null


Type: SystemInt64
ID of the room member. This should always be your own member's ID.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIDictionaryString, Object
Dictionary containing the new room member property values.
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime.EventRoomMemberSetEventHandler
This callback is invoked when the request has completed successfully.
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Unity.Runtime.EventFailureEventHandler
This callback is invoked in case of a failure.
config (Optional)
Type: SoftGear.Strix.Client.Core.RequestRequestConfig
If not null, used to configure the request timeout. Default timeout is 30 seconds. See RequestConfig for more details.
You can not use this method to change other members' properties, even if you are the room's owner.

Possible exception types in FailureEventArgs's cause:
ErrorCodeException Strix error which can be further separated by an error code:
ConnectionErrorFailed to send the request because of a connection error.
RequestTimeoutServer did not respond within the specified timeout interval.
RoomMemberNotFoundThe room member with memberId could not be found.
NotAllowedForOtherRoomMemberYou cannot change the properties of any room member other than your own.
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