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StrixNetwork Properties

The StrixNetwork type exposes the following members.

Public propertyapplicationId
Application unique identifier. This value should be set before connecting to the master server. You can find it on the Information tab of the Dashboard on the Strix Cloud web page.
Public propertyauthorizationAccessToken
Authorization access token. If not null or empty, used to authorize this client when connecting to the match room server.
To use it you should also provide a valid authorization server URL to JoinRoom(RoomJoinArgs, RoomJoinEventHandler, FailureEventHandler, RequestConfig) through RoomJoinArgs.
Public propertyautoInstantiateReplica
Determines if game objects should be automatically created from replicas when joined to a match room.
Public propertyStatic memberinstance
StrixNetwork object singleton reference.
Public propertyStatic memberisInitialized
if StrixNetwork instance is initialized; otherwise.
Public propertyisRoomOwner
if you are the owner of the currently joined room (if any); otherwise.
Public propertymasterSession
Master server session.
Public propertyNetworkInstances
Public propertyplayerName
Player name.
Public propertyroom
Information about the room you are currently a member of.
Public propertyroomMembers
A list of all members in the current match room.
Public propertyroomSession
Room server session.
Public propertyselfRoomMember
Information about your own match room member.
Public propertysortedRoomMembers
A list of all members in the current match room sorted by primary key.
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