Our YouTube series “Let’s Create an Online Game!” Has Been Released

Watch as a Virtual Youtuber develops an online game!
We have released our YouTube series “Let’s Create an Online Game!” which showcases how to develop an online game using our server solution Strix Cloud®.

Watch as our protagonist Riku Suto develops an online game so that she can communicate, play games, and make music together with her best friend who lives overseas in a virtual world. Together with her AI cat Apollo, Riku does her best to create an online game. By watching this series, you will learn the knowledge necessary for developing online games such as synchronization processing and challenging game programming.
This series depicts Riku developing an online game together with Apollo and her friends, and also shows some of the technical challenges that you may face when developing an online game.

YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @strix_riku

★A Message from Riku★
Nice to meet you, I’m Riku! We just released the series “Let’s Create an Online Game!” which I star in on YouTube.
In this series, I do my best to create an online game with the help of my AI cat Apollo and friends.
I used the server solution Strix Cloud to make my game, so there’s no need to know anything about networking or servers.
Even though I’m only in middle school, I’m still able to create an online game easily.
Once I finish making the game in the series, I’m going to release it for everyone to play.
I hope everyone will come play my game with me once it’s finished!

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