A client and server-side engine
that comes packed with
advanced network functions

  • Versatile Library
  • On-Premises
  • Multi-Functional

Use Cases

STRIX ENGINE is a low latency networking engine that gives developers the ability to easily create their online games and services

  • Massively Multiplayer Online


    Realize low-latency processing of a high volumes of messages even with a large number of CCUs (concurrent users).
  • Online Mobile Game

    Online Mobile Game
    Strix is equipped with all the functions necessary for developing online mobile games.
  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale
    Ideal for large-scale development of battle royale games.
  • VR・AR

    Perfect for multiplayer VR/AR games and services.


platform platform


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Action RPG
Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 / iOS / Android
Square Enix Holdings Company, Ltd.
Soft Gear Co., Ltd.
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STRIX ENGINE supports all businesses by giving them the freedom and flexibility they need

A richly featured networking engine for online game development
STRIX ENGINE comes packed with a plethora of features necessary for developing online games. The features provided within the engine help with network object management and game-specific communication processing.
Supported protocols: TCP, RUDP
Supported engines: Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Matchmaking Feature

    A message relay feature as well as a flexible node management feature for adding nodes based on the network load.

  • Replicas (Object Synchronization)

    Characters, items, etc. can easily be synchronized by simply attaching components to them.

  • Authentication Feature

    An authentication feature that registers and approves users as well as controls access to specific server functionality.

  • Data Management Feature

    An interface that consolidates database and memory information.

  • Messenger Feature

    Easily establish chat rooms and channels using the messenger function.

  • Archive Feature

    Manages chat rooms (create, search, update, delete, search by condition).

  • Multi-Threading

    Achieve low latency with multi-core processing.

  • Modules

    Create uniquely defined message processing through modules.

  • Encryption Feature

    Supports secure connections using SSL.

Highly scalable to withstand high network loads
By providing a highly scalable matchmaking system, STRIX ENGINE can respond to high-volume loads. It also achieves flexible node management that can dynamically add node servers, and is a high performance networking engine that can withstand high network loads.
Networking engine with many applications
・By using Java, existing assets can be reused or used in combination with other libraries.
・Provides an easily extensible class for a custom server.
・Various functionality such as an object management can be added and customized.
STRIX ENGINE and Strix Unreal SDK Tutorial Video

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STRIX ENGINE Product Licensing

If you are new to STRIX ENGINE, we will guide you through the process of licensing.

Price (license fee)

5million yen

(excluding sales tax)

Annual license fee

1million yen/year

(excluding sales tax)

*The license fee will be paid as an initial cost when the license is signed.

License fees must be paid for each game title.

Start Up

Getting Started

If you are new to STRIX ENGINE, we will guide you through the process of licensing.

  • Please contact us through
    our Contact Us page.

  • A STRIX ENGINE staff member will contact you.

  • Sign the license agreement.

  • License the binary data (package).

STRIX ENGINE is being fully supported by dedicated staff.