The Strix Cloud Logo Rules and Regulations

  1. This policy stipulates the use of the Strix Cloud logo. Those who use the Strix Cloud logo are deemed to have agreed to the contents of this policy.
  2. The Strix Cloud logo can only be used by licensees of Soft Gear’s product the “Strix Cloud.”
  3. This policy is subject to change without any notice. Please note that the latest Strix Cloud logo rules and regulations will be put into effect if changed.
  4. Accompany the Strix Cloud logo with the words “Powered by” when used with other logos.
  5. Based on the content being used, the use of the Strix Cloud logo may be repealed.

The Strix Cloud Logo

Logomark and Logotype

■Combination Mark (Full Color)

These are the combination marks of both the logomark and logotype. Please use them in accordance to the scene and space being used. When using a combination mark, please use the original data. In principle, data transformation or modification is prohibited. Moreover, in order to ensure a certain level of visibility for each variation, please do not use the logo below the specified minimum size.

■Combination Mark (Monochrome)

These are the combination marks in monochrome for when full color cannot be displayed. Please use this gray scale value for single color representation. Furthermore, it is not possible to display the Strix Cloud logo in solid monochrome.

Size and Format

In order to reproduce the standard format, please use the original data. Enlarging or reducing the logomark and logotype individually is prohibited. Please enlarge and reduce without affecting the proportion or position of the logomark and logotype. The proportion for the combination marks are shown below. Each standard width is defined as “X”, and the proportion and positional relationship are already decided.

(Ex. In the case of “1.8X” = 1.8 times the standard width of “X”)

The Strix Cloud Logo’s Background

Please ensure that the clear space around the logomark is within a certain margin. Even if the clear space is secured, please avoid placing elements such as modified text (size, color, shape, etc.) or diagrams within the logo’s vicinity.

The Strix Cloud Logo’s Light/Dark Balance

The table below indicates the light/dark balance of the logo and background color. Please select a logo and background color that ensure a certain level of visibility based on the table below.


The product color used for logomarks and other tools is an important element for establishing the Strix Cloud’s image. When developing a design, please refer to the specified colors below and reproduce them as faithfully as possible.

Prohibited Items

Logomark modification is prohibited. Additionally, please avoid placing colors, patterns, photographs, and illustrations that cannot ensure visibility, such as complex backgrounds.

Other Usage Rules

How to Display on an Application’s Screen

Display for 3 seconds with a fade-in and fade-out lasting for 1 second each

In the case that a mouse is clicked, or a key is pressed, etc., please set the fade-out time to 0.5 seconds

Printed Materials such as Packages and Manuals

・ Please use the Adobe Illustrator® format data.

・ Please clarify the content below as an omission.

*(Your company name) uses the Strix Cloud®.

*The “Strix Cloud” is a registered trademark of Soft Gear Co., Ltd.

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