The Strix Cloud FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions

Registration for the Strix Cloud is quick and easy. For information on how to register, please check here.

You can close your account by clicking the “CLOSE ACCOUNT” button under the user settings.

For information on how to use the Strix Cloud, please click here.

The Strix Cloud supports the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • Windows/MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4

The Strix Cloud is a cloud-based solution for developing online games.
It provides all the fundamental functions, such as replicas and matching, required for developing online games.
On the console page, you can start and stop servers simply by clicking a button, and since there is no cost to create and start a server,
the only thing you need to do is develop the client side of your game and the Strix Cloud will manage the rest.

As for the Strix Server, it is a server developed for online game development that can be used as on-premises software.
It provides communication libraries and server frameworks which can be freely implemented on a machine prepared by a customer.

The Strix Server is a service provided for corporate clients. For individual use, please use the Strix Cloud.
If you’re a corporate user and would like to know more about the Strix Server, please contact us by filling in the contact form here.

The Strix Cloud provides functions such as message relaying which make it possible to develop services other than online games.
Please feel free to use them to help in developing any services you are working on.

It is possible for the Strix Cloud’s servers to interact with external servers by using the webhook.

The Strix Cloud’s monthly user fees are deferred payments.

Only credit card payment is available.

The following 6 credit card brands are supported:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Diners Club International
  • Discover

There are no versions that cater to students or educational institutions.
For educational purposes, please use the free instance type (Type 0).

The only supported currency for making payments is the Japanese yen (JPY).

About Type 0 (Free Tier)

Type 0 is provided as a free instance type and has a limitation of up to 100 CCU.
*60GB of transfer data is free for each month.

Only one instance can be created per account.

Yes, games can be published using the free instance type.
There are no restrictions on publishing content created using the free instance type.

For accounts without a credit card registered, if the free 60GB of transfer data is exceeded, the instances for that account will be suspended.

About Paid Tier (Types 1 - 4)

The paid instance types are Type 1 through Type 4, and there is no CCU limitations for paid instance types.

Yes, you can freely combine both free and paid instance types.

In a 4-player PvP match with 5 msg/s, the standard number of CCUs is as follows:
Type 1: 490 CCU
Type 2: 2,300 CCU
Type 3: 3,600 CCU
Type 4: 7,100 CCU

About Contract Period and Cancellation Fees

No, there is no minimal usage period for the Strix Cloud.

No, there are no contract or penalty fees.

About Regions

Below are the currently available regions:

  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Eastern/Western United States

About Version Upgrades

Version upgrade are done manually and can be changed via the options menu under your application.

Unfortunately, servers are suspended during a version upgrade, so please restart your servers after the update has installed.

About Instances

Only the free Type 0 instance accounts may be suspended if they are not used for a long period of time.

About Invoices

Invoices will be sent by email or can be viewed on the console page.

You will receive one invoice per account.

About Pricing

The Strix Cloud’s monthly usage fee is calculated by adding the instance usage fee to the amount of transferred data.

The instance on that account will be suspended.
If you would like to use your instance beyond exceeding the free 60GB of transfer data, please register your payment information.

About Credit Card Payments

If a credit card payment fails, your instance will not be stopped immediately, but be sure to contact us when an available credit card is added as soon as possible.

You will be charged twice during next month’s billing. There is a possibility that next month’s billing will be charged earlier.
If the payment is overdue, we well contact you by email.

There are no late payment charges if a credit card fails.

Yes, we will send you an invoice after the next payment is made.

About Release Notes

Release notes can be checked on the “News” page.
*Note that you must be logged in to view the News page.

About Features

It is possible to set various keys that can be used to create and search for rooms when matching.
Using these keys makes it possible to realize a high degree of freedom when matching based on conditions that you have stated for those keys.

By using an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) function, you can synchronize your own custom processes.

Support Inquiry Form and Response Time

Please contact our support team via email:

Troubles That May Occur Using the Strix Cloud

Please contact our support team via email:

Please contact our support team via email:

Please try contacting our support team via email again:

About Changing Your Email Address

You can change your email address from the account settings on the console page.

About Changing Your Password

You can change your password from the account settings on the console page.

How to Reset a Forgotten ID or Password

Please contact our support team via email:

Please click on the “Forgot Password?” button on the login screen.
An email will be sent to your registered email.
Once you receive the email, open the attached link and reset your password.

Please contact our support team via email:

About Creating Multiple Accounts

You cannot create multiple accounts with the same email address.
If you want to create an account for each game title, please register each title with a separate email address.