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Strix SDK 1.3.0 Release Notification

Thank you for your continued use of the Strix Cloud!
We will be releasing the Strix Unity SDK 1.3.0 and the Strix Unreal SDK 1.3.0 on the following date.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

■About the Update

Take a look at what’s new for the Strix SDK 1.3.0 below.

  • Strix Unity SDK 1.3.0


  • Strix now supports Unity 2019.3.
  • Reduced the load of garbage collection.


  • Fixes made to the movement synchronization class StrixMovementSynchronizer
    • Added a “Teleport” function that instantly synchronizes movement to specified coordinates.
    • Made it so that changes made to parameters while in play mode reflect their changes.
    • Improved synchronization quality at lower frame rates.
  • Fixes made to the vehicle movement synchronization class StrixVehicleMovementSynchronizer
    • Fixed a bug that made the initial position be out of sync.
    • Fixed a bug that would increase the CPU load when the network signal was bad.
  • Strix Unreal SDK 1.3.0


  • Added functions that get the network ID from an Actor, and that get the Actor from a network ID.
  • Added a mechanism that gets the ID of a player that called an RPC.
    The ID can be obtained by adding a variable of the name “context” of the type FSTrixRpcContext to the argument of an RPC function.


  • Changed the reception timing of signals to be the same timing as the signals in UE4.
  • Changed the location of the StrixReplicatorComponent’s TypeID setting to Config/DefaultGame.ini.


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow old values to be overwritten in Set Property.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes not synchronize properly when starting up a game with multiple players in the play-in editor.
  • Fixed the removal process for the RoomChangeOwnerNotifiedHandler in NotificationListener.

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