Welcome to Strix Unity SDK User’s Guide!

Strix is a non-dedicated server architecture, and Strix Cloud is a cloud service for online games.

You can set up your game server just by clicking on a web browser. Since this game server already has features such as matching and object synchronization, you can develop online games without coding the server.

With Strix Unity SDK, you can use Unity to develop client-side game programs. You can easily create an online game by importing the Strix Unity plugin.

This User’s Guide explains how to use Strix Unity SDK to create games using Strix Cloud.

  • First part, “SDK Overview”, tells you how to start creating online games using Unity and Strix. It also contains a walk-through using a sample Unity game called Strix Action Game, so that you can get the brief idea what you can do with Strix, and a brief description of Strix and SDK architecture.

  • Second part, “SDK Functional Details”, gives you some detailed explanation of functionalities that Strix provides through its Unity SDK.

  • The third part of this guide is a collection of how-to documents. If you have something you want to do in your game, but you are unsure how to implement it with Strix, You will find a solution in the how-tos.

  • There are several supplementary pages at the end of this guide, including customer support and third party licenses.

If you want to know about Strix Cloud, we have a separate documentation.

If you have any questions or trouble on Strix, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Strix Support Team.