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STRIX now supports WebGL!

Create online multiplayer games to play on the web!

STRIX has evolved into a solution that can be used to make multiplayer content for WebGL. You can now build whatever you are developing in Unity, whether it be online multiplayer games, a metaverse, etc., for WebGL for all to enjoy on the web.


Experience Online Multiplayer in Your Browser! Use STRIX in Your Online Multiplayer Game or Metaverse Development

*Support for WebGL is currently available only for Unity. Please be sure to download the latest version of the Strix Unity SDK.

STRIX WebGLで開発できるオンラインブラウザゲーム。アプリ

Sample Online Multiplayer WebGL Game Made with STRIX

*The sample is only available for PC users

Move forward W
Move backwards S
Turn left A
Turn right D
Jump Press space (while moving)
Emote Press space (while not moving)
Shoot Left click

*The black colored Unity-chan is a CPU.

From Individuals to Professionals, Start Developing Online Multiplayer WebGL Games with STRIX for Free.
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Learn more about developing for WebGL using STRIX here